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Jim Vass Miniature Locomotives

Jim Vass Miniature Locomotives specialises in supplying drawings, castings and fittings for a wide range of 7¼” gauge locomotives.

Our web site contains individual illustrated data sheets, parts lists, price list, and order form for all our current products, a comprehensive complimentary range of high quality locomotive fittings is continually being added. We apologies for being unable to include the prices of certain items at the moment, due to circumstances beyond our control, but these can be obtained if you contact us.

The 5″ gauge locomotives ‘ Ashford’, ‘Stratford’, and ‘Waverly’ are available to special order only, please contact for details and prices

Polly Model Engineering

Castings and Kits for Polly Steam locos as well as a wide range of other live steam model Locos. Polly Model Engineering supply materials and fittings.

Blackgates Engineering

Castings for Locos, Traction Engines and machine tools. Counter sales and mail order.

Lost wax Casting Service

Quality lost wax reproductions in Non ferrous metals from your patterns using the lost wax process .No minimum order all enquires welcome . other finnishing services available ie buffing , polishing and electoplating .